Monday, 3 December 2007

When mobile content becomes critical!

I have just read this on the excellent SMS text news blog:

A “SatLav” mobile phone service which alerts people to the nearest public toilets has been launched.
Westminster City Council’s scheme works via text message requests from shoppers, workers and tourists.
Texting the word “toilet” to the number 80097 prompts a quick-response text with details of the nearest facilities and their opening times.

It seems to me there is no end to the niche mobile services that pop up and whilst i think it may be useful for the visitors to Westminster, personally i would ask AQA as remembering a short codes is a bit of a nightmare and what if i am in the West End, Knightsbridge or Islington?

Interesting to see if these services will consildate or if council's would actually talk to one another!