Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Experts or directory enquiries bod?

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It makes sense. Utlilising your staff and resource. Diversifying through extending your services. But something doesn't seem right.

Yes i am talking about 118 118 launching a text answer service similar to Textperts. The interesting part is that the service formerley known as directory enquiries now offers mobile advertising. I like this and it does work.

The bit that is a concern is Textperts and indeed AQA have created a fun service that is useful. 118 118 will be going in the oppisite direction.

So do they have the right profile staff to compose an answer? Do they offer the CRM capabilities to stimulate the consumer? Will consumers go for a brand that is seen as only a faceless talking directory rather than a witty service with a personlaity?

I wonder if 118 118 may just open the cheque book and buy Textperts outright, it may be the right move, especially as all the other wannabees are sure to follow?

Interestingly, i have often thought that Textperts would carry mobile advertising, i will watch these developments with interest.

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