Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Growth of mobile internet at the detriment of PC?

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Mobile Broadband is booming and fixed-line broadband could soon go the way of landline telephones according to one recent report. Subscribers to mobile broadband services grew by 91% in 2007, and a 63% growth rate in mobile broadband subscribers in 2008 is also predicted, with total subscribers rising from 230 million in 2007 to 375 million in 2008.

This is an interesting lead into the Annual Mobile Broadband Congress. I wonder if these users are taking up mobile broadband instead on fixed line broadband or even wireless? I suspect the answer is no unless it is in countries that do not have the home PC culture that we enjoy in Europe.

It did make me wonder when the day will come that Europeans shift their internet use from PC's to mobile. I suspect that bundling will play a big part but no different to Sky where some people (how could they?) opt out of Sky Sports, i suspect some consumers will only wantt o pay for the most convenient platform and that could well be mobile not.. PC.

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