Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Vote on your mobile? Sell shares?

I have been busy compiling data and stats for my strategic review of the mobile business. My company, Emap has just been bought by Bauer so it will be interesting to see how the two U.K. operations will sync up and also gain insight into the global opportunities that will come our way going forward.

Exciting times, nothing seems to stand still, or so it seems.

The sale process was also interesting. As a shareholder we had the opportunity to vote via post, with an option for online, but not mobile. We also had a roadshow to discuss the tax implications of our shares, face to face with a posted document to follow, again nothing available on the mobile.

I am sure this is no different to many FTSE100 companies. My point is, however, this is the type of information i would gladly read on my phone whilst communiting to our London office. The thing is, the information is timely both for voting and for tax advice.

It is usually also time consuming so to read up and even have the opportunity to vote or sell shares via the mobile seems to make sense to me.

It would be another task dealt with effectively during another routinely manic week.
Alas, it is indeed another topic to tag onto the ever growing mobile opportunities list.

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1 comment:

BadgerGravling said...

Spooky coincidence, but I just caught up with this post after blogging about micro-democracies voting on council services via internet/mobile....

Great minds, eh?