Wednesday, 27 February 2008

SMS faster than mobile internet

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So last night us U.K citizens enjoyed an earthquake at just after 1am.

As the earthquake gained momentum with the house shaking, i went onto the mobile internet to see what was going on, any reports? No.

Two minutes later i decided to text textperts and i got a quick reply as follows:

66000 We're getting unconfirmed reports of a minor earth tremor across England (Leeds and Manchester down to Surrey) so very likely that.

Very impressive. I then went onto facebook mobile and one of my freinds had just updated her staus 'woken up by earthquake!'.

I then added my textperts knowledge and went back to bed.

All very quick, calm and a lot quicker than the BBC!

1 comment:

David Cushman said...

try twitter first next time there's an earthquake... ah hem. anyways